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Lambert 5

Lambert 5 building

Lambert Building 5 is part of a multi-phased redevelopment project which replaces the existing Lambert Houses with 13 new buildings, increasing the number of residential units by nearly 1,000. Ultimately, the 12-acre project will create 1,665 permanently affordable residential units with a host of tenant amenities, retail spaces, and community facilities. Building 3a, at 180th Street, was completed in 2019. It is 18 stories tall and accommodates 163 affordable housing units. Building 5 is 16 story tall and is under construction. It will accommodate 279 affordable housing units. The building structural systems utilize steel and plank construction.
Property Type: Mixed-use Residental, Affordable
Size: 160,000 GSF (Lambert 3a), 333,000 GSF (Lambert 5)
Status: Lambert 3a completed 2019, Lambert 5 completion 2024
Location: Lambert 5, 2080 Boston Road, Bronx, NY
Project Team: Phipps Houses, Dattner Architects, Monadnock Construction