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Highlights of Institutional & Educational Related Projects by De Nardis Engineering, LLC

West Hempstead Public Library - West Hempstead, New York
(Completed 2006)
Westhempstead Library

New two story 22,000 sq. ft Library for the Town of West Hempstead, NY

Hudson Firehouse, Renovation and Addition - Hudson, New York
(Completed 2005)
Hudson Firehouse

Additional renovation and addition to existing one story Firehouse structure providing 22,700 sq. ft. of upgraded space.

The Hommocks Middle School - Mamaroneck, New York
(Completed 2004)
Hommocks Middle School

New 40,000 sq. ft. addition with a 600 seat auditorium and 70,000 sq. ft. renovation to the existing school.

Duane Library Restoration and Additions, Fordham University - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2003)
Duane Library

Restoration and additions to existing Library building.

Institute for the Arts and Humanities, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(Completed 2002)
University of North Carolina

New 17,500 sq. ft. office and assembly building.

The Brunswick Middle School - Greenwich, Connecticut
(Completed 2001)

New two and half story, 65,000 sq. ft. building on the existing middle school grounds. Work performed in conjunction with A.S.F., Inc. of Bridgeport, CT

Somers High School Additions - Somers, New York
(Completed 2000)

New 25,000 sq. ft. (+/-) building additions to the existing school. Work performed in conjunction with A.S.F., Inc. of Bridgeport, CT

Rippowan Cisqua School Additions - Bedford, New York
(Completed 2000)

Additions to and renovation of existing building using light gauge metal construction. Work performed in conjunction with A.S.F., Inc. of Bridgeport, CT

Environmental Sciences Facility, Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut
(Completed 2000)

Additions to and renovation of existing building. Work performed in conjunction with A.S.F., Inc. of Bridgeport, CT

NYC PS Schools Additions - New York, NY
(Completed 1999)

Additions to various NYC Public Schools, using modular construction technologies PS - 139 PS - 113 PS - 189 PS - 360 Work performed in conjunction with SpaceMasters, Inc.

University of Northern Iowa - UNI Dome Roof Replacement, Phase I, Study II, and Phase III - Cedar Falls, Iowa

(Phase I Completed Jan. 1995, Phase II Study Completed April. 1995, Phase III Completed 1998)

Phase I work to repair deflated air supported roof completed 1995. Phase II involved a study to replace the air supported roof. Phase III involved preparation of construction documents and construction administration for the roof replacement and complete facility renovation.

Saint Joseph's School Alterations / Additions - Lincoln Park , NJ
(Completed 1998)

Alterations and additions to existing facility.

Syracuse University - Carrier Dome Roof Replacement - Syracuse, New York
(Design Completed 1995)

Study to replace existing air supported fabric roof with tensioned cable dome fabric roof.

University of South Dakota - Dakota Dome Roof Replacement - Vermilion, So. Dakota
(Study Completed, 1995)

Study to replace existing air supported fabric roof with tensioned cable dome fabric roof.

Client: University of South Dakota, South Dakota
PS 99 Annex - Kew Gardens, New York
(Completed 1994)

Complete renovation of existing Structure for conversion to School annex of approximately 40,000 sq. ft.

Audrey Cohen College - New York, NY
(Completed September 1995)

Alterations of existing structure for conversion to new school annex.

Sacred Heart Academy Restorations / Additions - New York City , New York
(Completed 1994)

Multi-Phased restoration and alterations related to stone and masonry facade and replacement / repairs of main support spandrels, arches, columns, and library additions.

Tennessee State University - Stadium Additions - Knoxville, Tennessee
(Study Completed 1994)

8,000 (+) seats and tensioned canopy roofs additions to existing football stadium.

Client: McCarty, Holsaple and McCarty, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee
The Berkeley Carrol School - Brooklyn, NY
(Design Completed 1996)

Multi-Phased alterations related to existing facility.

The Garrison School Alterations - Garrison, NY
(Design Completed 1998)

Alterations and additions to existing school buildings, including various site improvements.

Client: The Garrison School District, Garrison , NY

Henry H. Wells Middle School Alterations - Town of Southeast, NY
(Completed 1997)

Additions to existing school facility, including various site retaining walls and other improvements.

Owner: Brewster Central School District, Town of Southeast , NY
Malcolm Gordon School - Garrison, NY
(Completed 1996)

Renovation of various components of existing facility.

The Windward School Additions - White Plains, NY
(Completed 1993)

Services related to new science building and gymnasium additions to existing facility.

Earlier Institutional & Educational Related Projects:
Fort Monmouth School - Fort Monmouth, NJ
(Completed 1990)

New addition / alteration to existing school.

The Kent School Hockey Rink - Kent, CT
(Completed 1987)

New Hockey Rink.

M.I.T. Field House - Cambridge, MA
(Completed 1981)

Two story field house and hockey rink.

Middlesex Community College - Middlesex, MA
(Completed 1990)

New additions to existing college facility.

Mt. St. Mary's School Athletic Facility - Emmitsburgh, MD
(Completed 1988)

New 90,000 sq. ft. athletic facility with arena, fieldhouse and swimming pool.

Redeeming Love Christian Center School - Clarkstown, NY
(Completed 1989)

New addition to existing school.

Sussex Vantage School - Sussex, NJ
(Completed 1990)

New modular buildings addition to existing school.

University of Wisconsin - McClain Athletic Facility - Madison, WI
(Completed 1989)

New Football practice facility with 220 ft. clear span arches.

Westover School - Science and Library Complex - Middletown, CT
(Completed 1984)

New science and library building with alterations and additions to other existing buildings.