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Highlights of Housing and Related Projects by De Nardis Engineering, LLC

Greenpoint Landing - Brooklyn, NY
(Under Construction)

Located at 21 Commercial Street and 33 Eagle Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the G2 and E3 buildings will provide affordable housing to the Greenpoint community. The G2 building is a 6-story, 89,000 square foot building that will provide 92 units of low-income housing. The E3 building is a 7-story, 98,000 square foot building that will provide 98 units of mixed-income housing. Building are under construction with expected completion 2016.

Nostrand Avenue - Brooklyn, NY
(Under Construction)
1299 Nostrand Ave. Clarkson, Brooklyn, NY

8 Stories tall, 165,000 sq. ft., 170-unit, market rate rental located along the border of Brooklyn’s rapidly-changing Prospect Lefferts Garden neighborhood.

Livonia Commons - Brooklyn, NY
(Completion Est. 2016)
Livonia Commons, Brooklyn, NY

Livonia Commons includes 278 units of affordable housing across 4 buildings, 6 to 8 stories tall, with 277,000 sq ft of residential space, 28,000 sq. ft. of commercial & community facility space.

CAMBA Gardens II - Brooklyn, NY
(Completion Est. 2017)
CAMBA Gardens II, Brooklyn, NY

This phase of the development includes 293 units of affordable and supportive housing with facilities and amenities that promote sustainable, healthy living and wellness. The building is a “U” shaped structure, ranging from 5 to 9 stories enclosing a courtyard. Total area = 257,000 sq. ft.

Caroline Gardens - Brooklyn, NY
(Completion Est. 2017)
Caroline Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

55 affordable rental units located on a prominent site across from the Williamsburg Bridge, the building previously housed the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s warehouse.

Highbridge Overlook / Highbridge Terrace - Bronx, NY
(Overlook Building Completed 2014) (Terrace Building Completed 2012)
Highbridge Overlook / Highbridge Terrace, Bronx, NY

Two building development which overlooks Manhattan's Highbridge Park. The buildings provide affordable housing for low-income working families. Highbridge Terrace is 7 stories, 68,000 sq. ft., 65 apartments. Highbridge Terrace is 11 stories, 157,000 sq. ft., 155 apartments.

330 Riverdale Avenue - Yonkers, New York
(Completed 2010)
330 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, New York

A 242,000 sq. ft. 11 story residential building. Load bearing cmu & precast plank, with 3 story steel parking garage below and rear of building.

Cypress Hills Senior Center - Brooklyn, New York
(Completion Est. 2016)
Cypress Hills Senior Center, Brooklyn, New York

5 story, 50,000 gsf Senior Housing development utilizing modular construction. Building will include roof top solar panels. Green certifications to include Enterprise Green Communities, NYSERDA MPP, LEED Homes.

Dumont Green - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2011)
Dumont Green, Brooklyn, New York

An 8 Story, 172,000 sq. ft., Enterprise Green Communities program participant energy efficient building, accommodates 176 units of rental housing for low income families in East New York. The development includes a landscaped courtyard, and on-site parking. Rooftop photovoltaic solar panels provide 80 kilowatts of electricity, the largest installation of its kind at time of completion on a multifamily building in New York City.

East Harlem MEC - Parcel C - Harlem, NYC, NY
(Completed 2011)
East Harlem MEC - Parcel C, Harlem, NYC

An 8 Story LEED-Silver development at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 125th Street. The building incorporates a range of green building strategies for sustainability, energy use, lighting, water, materials and air quality. It features retail spaces at the ground floor level, and a mix of studio, one, two and three bedroom low income rental units above the retail level.

Markham Gardens - Staten Island, NY
(Completed 2013)
Markham Gardens, Staten Island, NY

A 5 Story, 66,000 sq. ft., 79 unit affordable housing development for seniors, designed and constructed to receive LEED for homes certification.

Locust Manor Development - Queens, NY
(Completed 2015)

Multi-Phased multi building development icluding senior housing and affordable rental apartments. First building completed 2010, buildings 2 and 3 completion late 2015.

Allen By The Bay - Far Rockaway, NY
(Completed 2012)
Allen By The Bay, Far Rockaway, NY

5 story, 65 unit, section 202 senior supportive housing.

Flushing Promenade - Queens, NY
(Completed 2004)
Flushing Promenade, Queens, NY

This project consists of a complex of 5 buildings with 450,000 square feet of total space. The complex includes residential apartments, commercial space and multistory underground concrete parking garages.

The Balton @ W127th - New York, NY
(Completed 2011)
The Balton @ W127th, New York, NY

4 building residential complex totaling 350,000 sq. ft., within a NYC City block, including below grade parking at the buildings' rear yards.

Crescent Street Development - Queens, New York
(Phase 1 Completed 2008, Phase 2 Under Construction)
4 building residential complex totaling 400,000 sq. ft., including 16 story and 10 story buildings, with below grade parking at the buildings' rear yards.

Gateway Gardens - Huntington, New York
(In Design Phase)
Multi-Phased project consisting of a new affordable family housing building, new senior residence building, and renovation of 4 existing residential buildings.

Legacy and Westwind Housing - New York, NY
(Legacy Building Under Construction, Westwind Building in Design Phase)
2 building residential complex on Madison Avenue in Harlem.

HELP Genesis Apartments @ Snediker Avenue - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2011)
New 130,000 sq. ft. affordable housing project including supporting offices, community areas, recreational areas, and parking at cellar level of the building.

Odd Fellows Senior Citizens Housing - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2010)
New assisted living housing for Rebekah Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center.

Cornerstone Housing @ 119th and 141st St. - New York, NY
(Completed 2010)
Cornerstone Housing, 119th and 141st St., New York, NY

2 building affordable housing projects in Harlem.

Cornerstone Program - Site 2 Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 2010)
12 story affordable housing project at 2080 Frederick Douglas Boulevard.

Cornerstone Bristol Apartments - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2009)
The Beacon, Cornerstone, 54 Bristol Street, 445 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Two mid-rise residential buildings totaling 152,000 sq. ft., including supporting offices, and community and recreational areas.

Most Holy Trinity Parish SRO - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2009)
Renovation and additions to 3 existing buildings, involving gut re-habilitation of existing buildings, addition of new residential floors, supporting offices, and community areas.

The Solara at Grant Avenue - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2009)
The Solara at Grant Avenue

New 210,000 sq. ft. residential development including two 10 story mid-rise buildings, with covered parking, and integrated community space.

All Saints Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 2008)
All Saints Housing

New through block affordable housing project in East Harlem, including two mid-rise buildings supporting offices, community areas, indoor and outdoor recreational areas.

Hanac Senior Housing - Queens, New York
(Completed 2008)
Hanac Senior Housing, Queens, NY

New 200,000 sq. ft. 15 story housing project with rear lot parking structure, supporting offices, community areas, and recreational areas.

302 Spring Street - New York, NY
(Completed 2007)
302 Spring Street

New 11 Story residential building at the corner of Spring St. and Renwick St., with retail space at the ground floor.

1212 MLK Apartments - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2007)
1212 MLK Apartments, Bronx, New York

New 42,200 sq. ft. structure consisting of apartments, offices, activity rooms and mechanical spaces.

Davidson Avenue Apartments - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2007)
Davidson Avenue Apartments, Bronx, New York

54,000 sq. ft. building, structural system consisting of pre-cast floor and roof plank on load bearing masonry walls with steel transfers.

The Palm - East 119th North Co-op - New York, NY
(Completed 2006)
The Palm, East 119th North Co-op, New York, NY

New 8 story affordable residential cooperative, approximately 80,000 sq. ft.

The Rio - East 119th North Co-op - New York, NY
(Completed 2006)
The Rio, East 119th North Co-op, New York, NY

New 8 story affordable residential cooperative structure, approximately 59,000 square feet.

New Rochelle NRC Housing - New Rochelle, New York
(Completed 2007)

7 story Senior Citizens Housing building with supportive facilities, constructed with modular components.

628 West 238th Street - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2006)
628 West 238th Street, New York, NY

New 8 Story cast-in-place residential building in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

Bronx Care Housing at Morris Avenue - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2006)
Bronx Care Housing, Bronx, NY

New residential building includes apartments with supporting offices, medical office, community areas, and recreational area.

Sr. Louise DeMarillac Housing - Staten Island, New York
(Completed 2006)

New Sisters Of Charity mid-rise building.

Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate Housing - Monroe, New York
(Completed 2005)
Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate Housing, Monroe, NY

New 56 unit development includes two and three story residential buildings with supporting offices, medical offices, community areas, and dining hall.

Arverne By The Sea Residential Community - Queens, New York
(Phase 1 & 2 Completed 2004, 2005) (Phase 3 Under Construction)
Arverne By The Sea, Queens, NY

New 2 and 3-family clustered affordable housing project with total of 600 units.

Positively 3rd St. Senior Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 2005)

New 50,000 sq. ft. supportive housing building.

St. Teresa of Aliva Senior Housing - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2004)

New 55,000 sq. ft. supportive housing building.

St. Leonard Family Housing - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2004)

New mid-rise supportive housing building sponsored by Catholic Charities.

Needham Avenue Apartments - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2004)

Block and Plank Housing Project

St. Nicholas Supportive Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 2003)
Saint Nicholas Supportive Housing, New York, NY

New 50,000 sq. ft. supportive housing building.

Mt. Carmel Senior Housing - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 2003)
Mount Carmel Senior Housing, Brooklyn, NY

New 50,000 sq. ft. supportive housing building.

Shakespeare Senior Housing - Bronx, New York
(Completed 2003)
Shakespeare Senior Housing, Bronx, NY

New 66,000 sq. ft. supportive housing building.

520 West 23rd Street New York, NY
(Completed 2002)
520 West 23rd Street, New York, NY

New 15 story building with retail space at the ground floor and 14 stories of residential housing above.

Hoe Avenue Housing - Bronx, New York
(Completed 1999)

New 3-family clustered affordable housing project with total of 126(+) units.

8th Avenue Tower - New York, NY
(Completed 1999)
Chelsea Arms 8th Avenue Tower

New 14 story building with retail space at ground floor and 13 residential upper floors, with 2 adjacent 5 story brownstones renovated and integrated with new adjacent building.

Bradhurst Phase II Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 1997)
Complete gut rehabilitation of seven buildings for the NYC Partnership, with medical facility at the ground floor.

The Estates at Hallet's Cove - Queens, New York
(Completed 1997)
The Estate at Hallets Cove, Queens, NY

New 120 - Clustered multi-family unit affordable housing complex and related commercial facilities. (Construction: Load Bearing Block and Plank).

Genesis Project at Union Square - New York, NY
(Completed 1995)
Genesis Project at Union Square, New York, NY

13 story mid-rise building with residential upper floors and related community facilities on the lower floors. Adjacent commercial facility with roof level garden and court linking the two structures. (Construction: Load Bearing Block and Plank).

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Housing - New York, NY
(Completed 1994)

Complete gut rehabilitation of six buildings of affordable housing.

HELP Genesis Homes - Brooklyn, New York
(Completed 1992)

150 unit low rise building complex involving an entire city block of development, including residential units, community building, and medical facilities.